Bulk Upload
The website is located at https://metadata.cog-uk.io. In order to access the website you will need to be able to login to the CLIMB majora website. https://majora.covid19.climb.ac.uk/ Please request access details using the instructions here if you do not have them.

1. Login into Majora (the CLIMB database) at https://majora.covid19.climb.ac.uk

You will be required to enter a token next from a token generator that should have already been set up as part of the account creation process. A recommended token generator is Google Authenticator available for Android phones or iPhones.
Once logged in you can close the page

2. Browse to the Metadata Uploader webpage at https://metadata.cog-uk.io

You will see the login page. Since you will uploading to the 'live' production database click on the 'SIGN IN WITH MAJORA PRODUCTION CREDENTIALS' button

3. Authorise the application to use the COG-UK Majora credentials

You will be taken to the screen below where you should check the permissions and then click the 'Authorize' button to allow the metadata uploader to use your Majora account permissions to upload metadata
You will then be taken back to the metadata.cog-uk.io site, from where you can proceed to upload the metadata contained in a spreadsheet. If you see a page that hangs at the 'Logging in' step and the URL contains the text 'error=invalid_scope', please contact COG-UK via slack in the #account_requests channel.

3. Proceed to uploading a spreadsheet

There are 2 use cases.
  1. 1.
    Centres uploading information about samples only. For details see documentation on Samples Only
  2. 2.
    Centres uploading information about samples and sequencing. See documentation on Samples and Sequencing
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